The Miniature balancing robot: 
A low-cost mobile lab experiment kit for education


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The Miniature balancing robot: A low-cost mobile lab experiment kit with Arduino and Raspberry Pi

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Included Hardware:
DC motor, axle, wheels and encoder (Lego NXT)

Motor driver

3 axis gyroscope

3 axis accelerometer

3 axis compass (optional on some platforms)
9v AA battery supply
Genuine Arduino MEGA 2560 R3
USB cable and project box

Bluetooth Header - easily connect a standard BT module

Some Kits have:

Bluetooth Programmer Header: to change baud rate of BT

Ultrasonic Sensor Header: easily connect a ultrasonic sensor

NXT sensor headers - easily connect NXT sensors

1-Click Programming - supports automatic code generation directly from Simulink

MinSeg Shield on Uno balancing.  Although the MinSeg Shield works seamlessly with Uno, external mode is not supported in simulink so this is not recommended for student labs. But its even smaller so its cool!  

MinSeg Shield with Mega Balancing and sending data wireless through an optional plug in Bluetooth to Matlab with real time visualization of MinSeg angle  The Simulink balancing code is shown in the background.  This graphical code gets compiled and automatically sent to the MinSeg with 1 Click

DC motor control lab.  Wheel position is plotted and  control parameters are modified in real time.

Minseg Balancing.  Control loop executes a full state feedback controller every 2.6 milliseconds.