The Miniature balancing robot: 
A low-cost mobile lab experiment kit for education


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Dual MinSeg Line Follower Kit

The Dual MinSeg easily converts from a line follower car, to a drive balancing robot, to the single axis segway to the standard DC motor lab all in one small compact kit!


2 DC motors,2 axles, wheels and encoders (Lego NXT)

NXT Optical Sensor (Or optional custom optical sensor and Bluetooth Module)

Input potentiometer

3 axis gyroscope

3 axis accelerometer

3 axis compass (magnetometer)
Motor driver

Input Pushbutton

Output LED

9v AA battery supply (batteries included)

3 sensor and motor cables
Genuine Arduino MEGA 2560 R3 with mounting board
USB cable and project box

2 caster assemblies

Connecting Lego assemblies

Dual MinSegShield components: 3 sockets for NXT sensors (1 supports I2C), Bluetooth Communicaiton Header, Bluetooth programming header, ultasonic sensor header

See pictures for more information

More information available soon!

Any Questions? Ask!

Custom Box shown over a standard 8.5x11 sheet of paper.

Kit Components

Or a standard single axis balancing robot

And of course our favorite - the desktop DC motor lab!