The Miniature balancing robot: 
A low-cost mobile lab experiment kit for education


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Simulink SFunctions, Diagrams, and Supporting Libraries For MinSegMega Arduino:

For the MinSegMega kit  simply:

  1. download the files
  2. connect the USB cable
  3. open the simulink diagram, specify the COM port
  4. select Tools -> Run on Target Hardware -> Run

                    it's that easy!

Simulink SFunctions and Libaries ALL:

This single diagram contains ALL the SFunctions and blocks to read all of the Dual MinSeg Sensors and actuate the motors.  The download also contains all the necessary supporting libraries and files

New: Arduino Library, Curriculum and Demos are available here:

  • Dowload and unzip Rensselaer Arduino Support Package and follow README instructions in the Zip file to install and open demo!
  • Open the MinSegMega V2 Demo file MinSegMega_Demo_V2.slx select Tools -> Run on Target Hardware -> Run

Its that easy to read ALL the sensors and Make two motors move!

  • Old File Downloads: Download and unzip and open Matlab in this folder.
  • Open MinSegMega_Demo_All_V2RA.slx, select Tools -> Run on Target Hardware -> Run

  • MPU60650 accel/gyro
  • HMC5883L compass magnetometer
  • Motor Driver (two)
  • Encoder reading (two quadrature)
  • Potentiometer reading
  • NXT Sensor Reading (2)
  • Optical Sensor LED on/off
  • Send Bluetooth data to Port 2 (bluetooth header)