The Miniature balancing robot: 
A low-cost mobile lab experiment kit for education


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MinSegaMega Kit

Small as an Uno, power of a Mega, with integrated dual motor driver, compass, accelerometer, gyro and batter pack.  Everything for motion control in a small compact package!  And it also easily converts to a dual drive Minature balancing robot, Line following car, and of course the Desktop DC Motor Lab!


DC motors, axles, wheels and encoders (Lego NXT)

Input potentiometer 

3 axis gyroscope

3 axis accelerometer

3 axis compass (magnetometer)
Dual Motor driver

9v AA battery supply (batteries included!)

Genuine Arduino Mega ATMEGA 2560 fully compatible with Arduion IDE
USB cable and project box

Bluetooth Header to easily connect BT module

2 NXT sensor connectors (1 analog, 1 I2C)

Only uses pin D2 from the standard female headers so is compatible with many standard shields

Converts to Line following Car and Dual Drive Segway with adapter and extra parts (shown with optional plug-in bluetooth module

Features and additional Information: